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ICB Solutions is NOT affiliated with any government agencies, including the VA, HUD, or USDA.

This website has been developed by ICB Solutions to provide general information about mortgages and related matters. The materials posted in this website are not intended to create, and do not create, any relationship between ICB Solutions and the reader or viewer. The process of obtaining a mortgage loan is a serious one and should never be done without a licensed loan originator. This information is not intended to be, and is not valid as, a substitute for a licensed loan originator, licensed loan officer or other licensed lending professional. ICB Solutions is not a government agency, nor affiliated with any government agency, including the Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Housing and Urban Development, or the Department of Agriculture, in any way. Customers with questions regarding our loan officers and their licensing may visit the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Directory for more information.

Individuals featured are actual clients of ICB Solutions or its affiliated companies. These individuals are expressing their personal views. The personal views of these individuals reflect their opinions and experiences with ICB Solutions or affiliated companies. The individuals shown here may have been compensated by ICB Solutions or one of its affiliated companies for expressing their opinions relating to their experience.